Sound Design:
  • Stereo and 5.1 channel surround mixing
  • Audio restoration and noise removal
  • Sweetening and EQ
  • ADR mixing


Foley and Sound Effects*:

  • Creation, recording and editing
  • Full effects for multimedia use
  • Extensive and ever-growing library of sound effects!



  • Complete on-location audio recording rig for on-location voiceover/adr work
  • Sound effects done virtually anywhere!


  • Single or multiple instrument recording
  • Full ADR for film
  • Sweetening and EQ
  • Voiceover for multimedia



  • Orchestral mockups
  • Loop-based tracks for multimedia
  • Arranging
  • Contemporary pieces
* For composition and foley jobs, licensing depends on whether or not the payment plan is rendered for hourly work or for the final product. In most cases, hourly payment (in other words, payment for the whole of the creation process) is more expensive but all rights are turned over. Payment for a finished product is subject to limited licensing and Kaleidoscopic Audio Solutions retains the rights.
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