Twelve Royal Steps:
A satirical comedy short about the popular fairy tale princesses we've all grown up with living in the modern day city of New York. The ladies are in a twelve step program to ease their pain if being princesses but find out at the end that they are all dating the same pompous and unloyal Prince Charming.

Audio Samples:
[ Open Credits | Entering Meeting | Heartache | Pompous Prince ]

Love, Alice: A melodramatic short about a hitman's secretary who falls in love with him and he fires her because they could never be together. In her retaliation to his response she takes the bullets out of his gun for one of his last hits, and he is shot and killed.

Audio Samples:
[ The Note | Espionage | Battle | You're Fired ]

Father Balducelli: This documentary (backed by the Knights of Columbus) documents the life and times of Father Balducelli, a prist who has his own church in Little Italy (Wilmington, DE) and was in WW2 helping to smuggle jews out of Germany.

Audio Samples:
[ Opening | Beautiful Rejoice | Starry Skies | Ending Credits ]

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