Welcome to Kaleidoscopic Audio Solutions- sound engineering and music composition/production services for film, video, web, video games, and general multimedia. Today, entertainment is all around us. Everything we do involves some sort of multimedia experience be it watching television, going to the movies, listening to the radio, and even surfing the internet. Sound is a large part of the experience- ensuring that everything is crisp and clear as well as just generally pleasant to listen to. I do sound. That's my specialty.

"Corey Nolet is the man! Good guy to work with. He understands my vision for film clearly and his input was needed for my film's success." ~Brennen Jones (http://kitthorizonfilms.com)

Corey's a talented composer who busts his butt on projects. He really worked closely with me to find the tone and context of scenes, even before we started. Given our time constraints and scheduling conflicts, he was patient and understanding, and was able to make last minute changes to cater to the situation. The result was a score that indelibly left its mark on my short film, taking it from a rough jumble montage to a legitimate artistic narrative." ~Gregory Sahadachny (Light Chamber Films)

"... I appreciate the efforts you have made toward making the project one of highest professional quality. The musical score which you have written for this project is one of the best I have heard in years. It definitely brings much to this video. It has flavor, class and more than all of this it is beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for doing it. I want to also thank you for the excellent sound direction and editing tnat you brought to the project. Your enthusiasm has helped greatly with this project. None of us could ever thank you enough. I greatly look forward to working with you in the future." ~Gus Parodi (Park Bench Productions)


1-02-09 - Added new description of an award received in 2007.
9-13-08 - Film Midnight Run is oficially finished! Check out http://www.kitthorizon.com for details!
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